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Volunteers are the lifeblood of the SMA. Our volunteers assist with everything – cataloguing new materials, tending the garden, building bookshelves, writing for our newsletter, making repairs around the SMA property, and more.

Since its beginning, the SMA has always relied on volunteers and interns to support the Archives in various ways.

Board President Katie Methe (right) and Amelia Box (left) after rebuilding the porch SMA steps.

Volunteers and interns at the SMA staff the Archives and do all the day-to-day work of keeping the Archives functioning: filing, processing periodicals and cataloging books, clipping newspaper and magazine articles, preserving archival materials, responding to research requests and reference questions, arranging and giving tours of the SMA, co-guiding LGBTQ history walking tours, processing special collections, conducting original research for the SMA, and a myriad other tasks. In addition,  any volunteer, at any time, may take on a responsibility or special project that interests them. This can range from filing and copying to gardening or repair work. It may be a one-day or one week project or one that goes on for months. No time commitment is too short or too long to benefit the SMA.

Whether you are interested in processing  archival materials, working on a historical research project, or producing a fundraiser, there is something for everyone at the SMA to do. There is no limit to the creative ways in which you can benefit the LGBTQI communities through your work at the SMA.