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The Leslie Feinberg Library

Leslie Feinberg

On August 11, 2014, three months before s/he passed away, transgender author and activist Leslie Feinberg donated hir entire personal research library to the SMA.

The Leslie Feinberg Library is housed in the Sylvia Rivera Room, honoring the work of both  revolutionary trans activists.

A visitor browsing one of the shelves in the Leslie Feinberg Library.

All the materials in Leslie’s library are available to researchers and visitors. Browse the catalog of the Leslie Feinberg Library by classification, in the links below.

Leslie Feinberg Library (LFL) Sexual Minorities Archives Book Classifications:

The Leslie Feinberg Library

Browse Signed Copies in Collection

In Spring 2021, board director Amy Olson completed original research on the Signed Copies section of the Leslie Feinberg Library. To explore the interactive website, click the button below.

You can access Leslie Feinberg’s personal library to view or do research from on-location at the Pink Lady House in Holyoke. To make an appointment to visit, please contact us.