Welcome to the Archives.

The Sexual Minorities Archives (SMA) is a project of the Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation Inc. (SMEF), and one of the oldest and largest collections of LGBTQIA+ historical documents, media, and artifacts in the world. We operate out of a converted victorian in Holyoke — right in the heart of Western Massachusetts.

In addition to being an active archive and library, the SMA is also a community space, centered around connection, support, and educational resources/programs.

Support the SMA

The fastest way to financially support the SMA is to donate to our PayPal. All donations are 501(c)3 tax-deductible.

We are urgently seeking volunteers with financial planning/fundraising/crowdsourcing experience OR trades/handiwork experience. (The Archive is in a historic Victorian home named the Pink Lady, and the Lady needs a strong theythem to help her with repairs 😩)
If you have either of those skills, please email sexualminoritiesarchives2024@gmail.com.

If you have access to the funds, maximize your support of liberating Queer history by selecting “recurring” donation <3

Never Again the Silence

Queer People all over the world have had Our Voices Silenced and Our Histories Erased by institutional oppression and white supremacy.

The SMA exists to defy this.

This is why we say:

Never again the silence.

Your financial support makes this act of liberation possible for present and future generations of Queer and LGBQTIA2S+ history makers.

We salute your efforts.

Ways to support with money

Keep scrolling for Ways to support for free

everyone can liberate Queer history

Any person in any body can organize to support the preservation of Queer History.

It can be done free, without money, from anywhere in the world.

Queer History will be liberated with all of us or none of us. Thank you for joining the fight.

Pink Lady watercolor by artist Wandy Pascoal

Ways to support for free

  • Host A Queer Movie Screening: Read our Guide here.
  • Choose us for your Facebook birthday fundraiser Find us here
  • Take monthly actions: Join our Board of Directors
  • Fight censorship: Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook, and sign up for notifications and interact with every single post. Queer History is censored and our posts get suppressed, especially on Facebook.
  • Your Queer Story matters: Donate your work, story, or items
  • Volunteer: (virtually or in person)
  • Host us: At your organization for one of our Local Queer History talks, or show our art at your gallery or coffee shop
  • Transcend this mortal realm: Bequeath assets to the SMA in your will or name us as a beneficiary when starting a new job.
  • Create: Make a zine for us! We will archive it and sell it to generate $$$ for the SMA

Contact us at sexualminoritiesarchives2024@gmail.com to get involved in the liberation of Queer History and archival preservation from wherever you are.

Our Space

Physically nestled in Western Massachusetts, the SMA is proud to have served our queer community for over 43 years with free access to vital archival materials and resources.

Our space in Holyoke, Massachusetts contains the SMA collections, as well as two special libraries The Leslie Feinberg Library, and Out Books On Wheels, a grassroots LGBTQIA FREE lending library that operates out of the SMA in Holyoke.

We want the SMA to feel like a second home to its visitors. We offer a full kitchen and plenty of couches and comfortable spaces for working, reading, and connecting with our material.

Black Lives Matter

The Sexual Minorities Archives and Sexual Minorities Educational Foundation stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. We call for justice, an end to white supremacy, and an end to police brutality.